Sunday, May 20, 2012

Acquaviva Delle Fonti, Westfield, New Jersey

Kirsten and I decide to take a road trip out into NJ for dinner. Okay, that is not entirely true we were just visiting my family in northern NJ for my nephew's 3rd birthday. While there she and I decided to try a restaurant that I have heard is rather good.Acquaviva Delle Fonti Is a cool Italian restaurant that during the summer has outside seating and music.

For appetizer we decided to have fried calamari (I know I know we get that a lot) and it was delicious. it was very nice that it came with two different types of dipping sauces. I found the aioli mild and refreshing while the spicy pomodoro sauce provided a small kick.

For dinner Kirsten decided to go with the hand made ravioli of the day. It filled with ricotta topped with a pesto sauce and creme fresh. I am not a huge fan of ravioli but these were light, fresh, flavorful, and you could tell the care that it was made with. I ordered the short ribs and was very happy with my choice. They were a little over cooked, but the sauce and mashed that it was served with were all delicious. When eaten as one bite the flavors and textures danced on the palate.

The server was (sorry if this sounds bad but I grew up here so I can say this) your typical Jersey Italian and was a bit rude when asked about the difference between the two Pino Noirs. Overall the food was very good, made with love, and you paid for it. I would give this a higher score if the server wasn't rude so it gets a 7 out of 10.

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